How to Have a VBAC

Online Hypnobirthing course espeically for mamas with a desire to VBAC

What if planning a VBAC was less about risk and more about YOU?

More about how you want to birth and the mindfulness and constructive work you need to get there?

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Are you ready to prepare for the birth you actually want?

How to Have a VBAC is an online hypnobirthing course written with mothers who desire a VBAC not in mind but at the core of each and every lesson.

I know how it feels to be the PS in the birthing book. You will not feel like that here.

Let's spend some time not just talking about the risks but actually what we can do to maximise the chances of your VBAC happening. As well as all the practical stuff to help you make clear choices and construct the best support system for you personally.

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"Mimi has been an amazing support during my second pregnancy whilst planning my VBAC. I love the "How to have a VBAC" group and all the discussions. Lots of inspiring ladies and great advice and encouragement. I had a one to one session with Mimi and she was so friendly and approachable. Open to discuss any worries/troubles and she speaks openly about her own experiences to encourage and advise. Always quick to get back to a msg and a really easy lady to get on with. I would highly recommend Mimi. Thankyou for your continued support: your quite simply fab! "